CurryFest954 Community Row Application


2021 CurryFest954 Community Row Application



Location:   Oakland Village Square located 8250 – 8354 West Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33155
Date & Time:  Saturday, October 2 | 10am – 7pm.
Vendor Load In:  6am – 9:30am
Vendor Load Out:  7:15pm – 10pm
Vendor Parking: TBD

Community Booth Selection Information

  • Community Vendor Booths are FREE for qualifying not-for-profit organizations
  • Organizations will be notified via email if invited / rejected. Preference will be made to organizations whose products represent the multi-culture spirit of the festival.
  • Political organizations will not receive FREE booth space.  Political organization may apply as a vendor booth. .
  • Kid-friendly activities will be provided by Oakland Academy
  •  Other activities, TBD


  • Community applications are accepted online only thru Oakland Village Square website,
  • Regulation booth size is 10’ x 10’.   Different size booths and/or alternative displays must be approved by the festival organizers
  • NO EXPLICIT ART OR ITEMS ARE ALLOWED. NO DRUG paraphernalia is allowed. All items must be of highest quality, show good taste within the standards of the community and be subject to approval by the festival’s organizers.
  • The CurryFest954 is a rain or shine event.
    • This is an outdoor event that is naturally affected by weather.
    • There are no refunds for inclement weather.
    • The CurryFest954, Oakland Village Square, Plaza Sunrise Management and all affiliated organizations and sponsors are not responsible for any damage to vendor property in any way, including but not limited to damage caused by inclement weather.



  • Organizations may request booth locations and preference; however, due to the complex factors that are attributed to the overall management and dimensions of the floor, we do not guarantee booth locations whatsoever.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are a very limited number of specific locations and types of booths on the floor.


    • The City of Sunrise Fore Marshall requires any and all tents to be NFPA701 certified due to the configuration of our floor.
    • Fire Marshals will be inspecting booth setups – please abide and respect their authority at all times.
    • Failure to comply with Fire Marshal will result in immediate expulsion from festival.
  • Fire lanes MUST be maintained at all times.
  • The AFD now requires a 2A10BC tagged and approved fire extinguisher per every 75 feet of booth space. In the case that you do not have a fire extinguisher of this rating, SEM will provide fire extinguishers to every 75 feet of booth space. Vendors in these spaces must accept responsibility for having fire extinguisher in booth and must sign a waiver stating that they will return extinguisher safely to SEM staff on Sunday night.
    • Extinguishers will be distributed Saturday morning, picked up Saturday night at 10PM, and redistributed to same booth spaces Sunday morning prior to 11AM.
    • SEM staff will be collecting fire extinguishers on Sunday night when Festival ends. Please do not leave the Festival floor until we have collected your fire extinguisher.
  • Standard booth spaces are 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep. You will be required to keep your display and all belongings entirely within that space, without exception.
  • Shared booths are not allowed.


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