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Proudly serving South Florida, Plaza Sunrise Management offers a complete range of quality, personalized property management services designed for both commercial tenants and property owners.

Because we own rental property, too, we understand the needs of both the owner and the tenant. Most important, we understand that the success of the entrepreneurs that have entrusted their businesses to you is crucial to your property’s growth and profitability, we offer value added services to work directly with them to help them grow. This knowledge coupled with our commitment to honest, trustworthy service allows us to form and maintain excellent relationships with the owners and tenants we serve.

There are multiple layers to operating a commercial property, but as the property owner, you, ultimately, need to make a profit or you have investors that have entrusting you to manage their investment. To accomplish this you have to juggle multiple objectives:

+Your property must be full of happy tenants, that are paying the premium amount of rent that allow you to meet your goals.
+Your property must be an attractive place that consumers both “need” and “desire” to support.
+To offer this attractive and welcoming destination, you need to count on vendors that are both reliable and offer quality service.
+And you need to be ready to deal with the unexpected, such as roofs leak, backed up drains, pot holes appear out of no where, sidewalks crack, lights go out and on and on and on.

This all takes time, resources and money.

Too much money and the investors are no longer happy; raise the rent and your tenants are no longer happy, if they leave or are forced to raise their prices, you no longer have happy consumers… IT’S NOT EASY!

This is why Plaza Sunrise Management is dedicated to offering Property Management SOLUTIONS.  Our mission is to maximize a property’s value by ensuring limited or no vacancy, offer the most competitive maintenance pricing, excellent tenant relationships, and clear and consistent financial reporting with full transparency and alignment.


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